Dude Gets Revenge On High School Bully By Fu*king His Mum And Taking Pics

Bullies are assh*les and getting revenge on them is a bloody sweet feeling but this guy takes it to the next level. This is proper brutal…

A young lad from Boston named Rob was bullied to hell by someone at his high school but rather than physically fighting back, he chose to play the long game and ruin his tormentor, physiologically.

How did Rob get his revenge, you ask. He dated and fu*ked his bully’s mum! And that’s not all, he also took pictures of her in the most compromising of situations in order to completely destroy his oppressor.

So far, so savage, but things get ramped up even further when the mum, Arielle, calls a radio station so that they can help her to convince Rob to see her again.

She even tells them that they had sex, multiple times and that he is amazing in bed. The station plays an unsuspecting role in the revenge act by actually calling Rob, live on air in order to convince him to give Arielle another shot.

It’s at this point that he drops the bombshell: he only went out with her and fu*ked her in order to get back at her son who had bullied him mercilessly at high school! That’s some cold ass sh*t!

At first, Arielle is gobsmacked but then after the initial shock, she fires up and tells Rob that his revenge tactic is disgusting. She also questions who on earth would do something so downright evil.

But Rob couldn’t give a sh*t. He tells her: “I can’t wait to tell him that you called a radio station because you wanted to see me again that bad. This is too perfect!”

The desolate mum even goes as far as saying that Rob ‘deserved’ what he got in high school at the hands of her son because of what he was doing now.

Rob decides to add another level of cruelty to the prank by explaining exactly how he will break the new to Arielle’s son: “I plan on sending your son a text with two words that says ‘I win’ and then when he says ‘why’, it’s going to be that picture that

He explains that ‘that picture’ is the one with his c*ck in her mouth. Arielle sounds shocked that he possessed such a picture and says she’ll get him ‘thrown in jail’ for taking a photo without her consent.

Rob fires back, telling her: “You were making direct eye contact with it [the cmaera]. Don’t pretend you didn’t know it was happening.”

Arielle tries to threaten Rob by telling him: “Let Sam see you and he’ll beat your ass again.” It doesn’t have the desired effect, though, because Rob simply replies: “I don’t think so. I’ve been taking Krav Maga, so if he comes anywhere near me, I’ll kick the shit out of him after fu*king his mum.”

Bullies very rarely win in the long run but this guy got handed one of the biggest L’s in the history of civilization!

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